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GC Assembled Cabinets

Pantry Cabinets

Pantry Cabinets

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Transform your kitchen organisation with our Pantry Cabinets. Crafted from premium materials, these cabinets offer ample storage space for pantry items while enhancing your kitchen's aesthetic appeal. With adjustable shelving and durable construction, they provide versatility and functionality to suit your needs.

  1. Spacious storage: Keep your pantry essentials neatly organised with generous storage space for dry goods, canned items, and small appliances.
  2. Adjustable shelves: Customise the storage configuration to accommodate items of various sizes, maximising your pantry's organisational potential.
  3. Sturdy construction: Built to last with quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity for everyday use.
Benefits of Having It:
  • Streamlined organisation: Easily access and organise your kitchen essentials for a clutter-free and efficient cooking experience.
  • Tailored storage: Adapt the shelving to fit your specific needs, optimising storage space and organisation for a personalised touch.
  • Enhanced kitchen aesthetics: Elevate the overall look of your kitchen with the sleek design and functional storage solutions provided by our Pantry Cabinets.


  • Height: 2100mm
  • Width: wid450mm, 600mm, 900mm
  • Deep: 600mm


  • Formica Snowdrift Gloss exteriors
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